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AUGUST  18,  2017
Even though the half time/full time betting strategy has lost some of its popularity in recent times (largely due to the influx of other markets), there is still value to be had when using this methodRead More

Correct Score Sets-Betting on Tennis

AUGUST  12,  2017
Tennis is a sport that enjoys great popularity when it comes to betting which can hardly come as a surprise given this sport’s great following and global audience. Even though it is an individual spRead More

Staking Method Explained

AUGUST  10,  2017
It is a generally accepted assumption that in order to be profitable at sports betting one needs to have and knowledge about the sport in question as the two most important prerequisites. Such assumptRead More

Paying for Your Mobile Games

AUGUST  09,  2017
The move towards using our mobiles rather than our laptops or desktop computers is still increasing and this move has affected the way we carry out many daily tasks. Not only do we use our portable deRead More

Martingale Explained

AUGUST  07,  2017
It is said to be one of the oldest betting strategies to this date. The Martingale system, fortunately, also stands as one of the easiest betting strategies to learn and master as it does not involveRead More

How to Understand Probability

JULY  27,  2017
Understanding the probability of an outcome in a football match or in any other branch of betting can be of paramount importance for success. The probability behind a game of football and a tennis matRead More
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