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REVIEWSRankEst.Odds PayoutBetting Margin AverageBetting Margin FootballBetting Margin TennisWelcome OfferMin OddsOffer RequirementsBonus Expiry DaysUK Gambling Commision LicenseOffer Link
7,9201694.70%6.80%5.60%8.00%10£2.0 (1/1)Bet £10 Get £1014YesClaim Now
8,5200296.00%4.50%4.20%4.70%100£2.0 (1/1)100% profit boost of up to £1007YesClaim Now
8,9201194.20%5.6%6.4%5.8%200£1.5 (1/2)100% up to £200 WELCOME14YesClaim Now
8,1201496.00%4.20%4.20%4.20%10£1.5 (1/2)Bet £10 get £1014YesClaim Now
9,14200395.80%6.20%4.40%8.10%320£1.6 (3/5)up to £200 +£120 Bonus Code: 200PLUS90YesClaim Now
7,55201695.60%6.40%4.70%8.10%100£1.50 (1/2)50% deposit bonus up to £10030YesClaim Now
 Royal Panda
7,8201694.40%7.00%6.00%8.10%100£1.8 (4/5)100% deposit bonus up to £100 + 10 free spins90YesClaim Now
8,75200995.20%5.20%5.10%5.30%100£1.6 (3/5)50% sportsbook bonus up to £100 Bonus code VICTORY14YesClaim Now
8,03201795.80%4.70%4.40%5.00%20£DOUBLE THE ODDS + £20 Casino Bonus60YesClaim Now
8,05201692.77%5.20%6.20%4.20%30£1.5 (1/2)Bet £/€10 Get £/€30-300% First Deposit Match with Bonus code G3030YesClaim Now
8,65201696.00%4.70%4.20%5.30%20£3.0 (2/1)Bet £20 Get £10 & Weekly £5 Free Bet7YesClaim Now
7,92201696.00%5.90%4.20%7.70%25£2.0 (1/1)£25 First Bet Insurance + £2 Free bet every time your team wins14YesClaim Now
7,76200196.62%4.50%4.20%4.80%50£1.6 (3/5)50% First Deposit Match60YesClaim Now
8,5201796.00%6.10%4.20%7.71%100£2.0 (1/1)50% deposit bonus up to £100 with code RZ100.30YesClaim Now

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7,01199994.10%6.40%6.20%6.50%10£1.5 (1/2)Exclusive Bonus 4 this site-Read review for details180YesClaim Now
*Rating are calculated by our resident math whiz from 5 different sources: Good Bookmaker Review, Bookmakers Review, SBR, WOSB, Top 100 Bookmakers and, Odds payout and Betting margins is calculated from 1X2 odds from the last 7 days– making them more universally accurate


The sheer number of new betting sites emerging almost overnight in the ever-expanding online betting universe can be rather overwhelming, especially for new players. The online betting world is going through constant expansion and at a such a rapid rate that players can hardly keep pace with it.Fortunately, we’re here to help out by narrowing the offering down to the ultimate list of new bookmakers that are trustworthy and respectable enough to be recommended to our respected readership.

Ranked in the table below and presented with all the relevant information such as the payout percentage, minimum odds, offer requirements and minimum deposit among others, the most respectable new betting sites 2018 we’ve handpicked for you come with a full review that you can consult before opening an account. Note that all of the sites listed in the table below have been thoroughly checked and confirmed to be licensed in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission which makes them 100% trusted and reliable.


How we calculate the Odds Payout

odds payout calculation example

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Sports betting is a highly lucrative business.

The expansion of the endless online universe has seen this industry undergo a significant transformation with more and more online bookmakers appearing on all corners of the globe.

The growing number on online bookies speaks in favour of the profitable edge bookmakers have over their clients, despite the fact that knowledgeable punters can find a way to make a living out of sports betting thanks to different betting strategies.

All sport offered at a sportsbook – every league, event and betting market as well – will see a bookmaker calculate a statistical payout prior to splashing it out in front of their customers.

The statistical payout is – simply put – the way bookmakers make money and make sure they remain in the game despite the potential losses from substantial payouts to punters.

What this actually means is that a bookie will never pay out a 100% of all stakes on a bet, but a different percentage which usually revolves around 95%. In our table you will find different payout rates from different bookmakers which can come quite handy during the selection process.

Also known as the statistical payout percentage, it is basically a bookmaker’s margin.

If you invest £100 on outcomes with 95% payout, you will get back £95 from each bet on average. The remaining sum of £5 is the bookmaker’s profit. Bookmakers tend to lower the margins on bigger payouts and higher odds which is exactly why you are advised to consult our payout percentage section which will help you select the best possible bookie to bet at.

Bookmakers sets the odds by combining the statistical prediction of a match/sporting event and payback percentage. The odds will change, especially in the In-Play market, and the reason for that is the fact bookmakers are constantly adjusting the offers according to betting patterns.

The Statistical Payout is best understood and comprehended through a calculus which includes the odds at a 1X2 market.

Looking at a football match from a mathematical point of view, the sum of all probabilities in a single sporting event should be 100%. What bookmakers do, however, is increasing the probability beyond 100% by incorporating what is called a profit margin of a bookmaker’s overround.

In order to calculate it, let’s use the game between Liverpool and Chelsea where hosts are given the odds of 11/10 (2.10) to win, while the draw is priced at 13/5 (3.60) and Away win can be found at 12/5 (3.40) betting odds with Betfair.

Converting the odds for all three outcomes in this match to percentages and adding them together will reveal the bookmaker’s overround in this particular case.

Liverpool: 2.10

Draw: 3.60

Chelsea: 3.40

(100 / 2.10) + (100 / 3.60) + (100 / 3.40) = 47.62 + 27.78 + 29.41 = 104.81

A profit margin closer to 100% represent better value of the odds for the tipsters themselves which means that Betfair has a rather favourable payout percentage.

In order to calculate the payout percentage for the same football example above, we need to do another calculus.

——————————————————– =0.952
1 / 2.10 + 1 / 3.60 + 1 / 3.40

The calculation above indicates that Betfair’s payout percentage is 0.952 which translates into 95.2% which ultimately means that this bookmaker has a profit margin of 4.8%.

How we calculate  Betting Margin

betting margins explained

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The ever-expanding world of online betting offers endless opportunity for bettors to handpick the best odds and bets from a wide array of offers.

Many bookmakers will claim to have the best-valued odds, but the burning question every tipster and punter is keeping their minds on is whether they will truly get the best deal for their money.

All of those who want to remain on top of things and always make sure they get the best odds possible need to make sure they understand how betting margins work.

What betting sites and bookies in general will do is adjusting the odds in order to attract bets from as many bettors as they can with a simple aim of securing a profit whatever the outcome may be.

The way they do this is by offering odds that often exceed the statistical probability of a chosen event, making sure they secure what is called a bookmaker’s margin. It is usually represented as the betting over-round or the market percentage with amounts over 100% and it is that difference between the actual value and the marketing value of a particular product – in this specific case a bet.

How do you calculate a betting margin?

The easiest way to understand a betting margin is a coin toss example.

The coin toss comes with only two possible outcomes which means that neither side of the bet will hold any advantage and the odds of 2.00 (1/1) or +100 in American odds are indeed the actual probability of the event occurring (0.5).

This kind of a market is a zero-margin market, but with betting against a bookmaker the market percentage will be higher than 100% and it is the price bookmaker charges for offering its services.

The two-way market such as a coin toss is similar to tennis betting where there draw outcome is non-existing and the easiest way to determine the odds in this case is to use the following formula:

(1/Decimal Odds A)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds B)*100

If we are to bet on a match between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray with Djokovic available at the betting odds of 1.65 and Murray standing at 2.35, the betting margin for this particular game will be:

(1/1.65)*100 + (1/2.35)*100 = 60.6 + 42.55 = 103.15%

This result gives you a betting margin of 1.43%

When it comes to a three-way outcome in sports such as football which are considered high-margin sports, the formula is slightly different:

(1/Home Win Odds) + (1/Away Win Odds) + 1(Draw Odds) – 1

If we want to bet on Arsenal against Liverpool at the Emirates and assume that the Gunners will be given odds of 2.25 with Liverpool priced at 3.5 and 3.25 on a draw, the margin will be calculated as follows:

(1/2.25) + (1/3.5) + (1/3.25) – 1 = 0.44 + 0.28 + 0.31 – 1 = 0.03 which makes the margin stand at 3.00%.

Comparing the odds for a same event across various bookmakers will offer a different margin so using the abovementioned formula will allow you to make well-educated decisions when it comes to where to place your bets and get best value for your money.

How to Choose New Betting Sites

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The expansion of online betting has seen many betting sites emerge overnight. The increased number of new-sprung betting venues should enhance the competition and improve the betting conditions, which sadly not always is the case.

New is not always better when it comes to betting, but it does not mean that all latest additions to the betting landscape should be discarded that easily. A research and a deeper look into what a betting site has to offer are quite often more than enough to help you assess whether a betting sire is worth your attention or not.

The research usually includes several steps and several different aspects that need to be considered before trusting your money with a betting site.



One of the most important aspects definitely is security. The first thing you need to check with a new betting site is whether it holds a licence from a respectable gambling authority. Unlicensed and unregistered betting sites pose threat to your private security and could put you in danger.

The good way to determine that a betting site is safe and secure is to also have a look at payment methods. Self-respecting sportsbook will list as many trustworthy and reliable deposit and withdrawal methods you can use to transfer money from and to your account.  

Welcome Offer & Ongoing Offers

logos several bookmakers

It might be the first thing bettors notice with a bookie, but bonus offers truly can be good incentives for potential customers. Bookmakers look for different ways to engage their clients and get them to register and stick with them. Players will be faced with a multitude of different bonuses and offers that range from different free bets, enhanced odds on certain events or matched cash bonuses that in case of Bet365 go all the way to a 100% bonus up to £200.

Markets & Odds

Betfred Mobile

Competitive odds and extensive markets are what separates the top bookmakers. Finding a site that offers Premier League betting is quite easy as most of the bookmakers will cover the most popular competitions regardless of the sport, but lower leagues and those obscure competitions the most avid bettors love is what makes a truly great operator.


Coral Live Streaming

Visual appearance should be the least of our concerns, but having an easy-to-manage and interface with a clearly presented offering and function buttons will of course, make your betting time more enjoyable.

Mobile Experience

Bet365 Mobile

Modern-day betting is a fast-paced activity and people who live on the go like to have their favourite bookmaker with them all the time. The emergence of betting apps has made the very process of betting more personal and entertaining, with betting operators investing a great deal of effort to make mobile betting on par with desktop experience and even better 

Who To Trust and Who to Avoid?

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Some people say betting was simpler in the old days.

All you had to do is to walk down a street, hit your favourite bookmaker and choose the odds for a sporting event of your liking. Punters had less to choose from but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing given the fact that old-days sportsbooks had to work rather hard to earn their reputation and build a stature within the betting universe.

What you had back then were offices in the neighbourhood and people you knew running those businesses as your friends and trusted members of the community. Trustworthiness was the keyword in the business as that was the main thing that kept them alive.

Nowadays, with an endless choice of online bookmakers, one would think that picking a site to go for and trust your money with would be easier.

However, that is not always the case.

What you will hardly find these days is that old handshake and a smile feeling with most of the operators running without an offline correspondent. With nothing connecting them to the local community, it can get quite easier for them to trick unsuspecting and gullible punters.

Welcome offers are the most obvious of ways. Behind all of those enticing deals, odds enhancements and various promotions could be hidden potential problems if you’re not careful enough.

The easiest way to select those betting sites you can trust is to do a pair of simple tricks if you will.

The most important thing to do before you deposit your hard-earned cash with a bookie is to compare it against the United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) records to make sure that betting site is fully licensed and legally approved to do business in the UK.

Many online operators will have their offices headquartered in Malta meaning they will be monitored by the Maltese watchdog Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) which, just like the UKGC, regulates and controls the online gambling operations in the territory.

The second thing you need to remember is that most reputable betting sites will put their customers first.

The biggest of bookmakers are well aware that welfare of their customers is the main prerequisite for their own existence and that they will quickly hit the gutter if they fail to maintain the highest level of security and protection for their users.

If you have no time to conduct a thorough check on a newly launched bookmaker and you are unsure whether to trust it or not, simply scroll down to the footer of the site and have a look around.

Reliable betting venues will without exemption have websites such as GambleAware which is promoting responsible gambling. Best betting sites in an endless universe of online betting will be fully committed to promoting gambling as an enjoyable leisure and pastime activity.

Respected betting operators are also fully aware that spreading such message can be a challenge with some players and they will offer their selfless and unlimited assistance to players in order to help them maintain control of both time and money they spend on gambling.

What Are the Advantages of a New Betting Site?

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The question from the title of this article of ours might not come off as an important one at first glance, but on the second look, it might bear some importance that could provide a couple of answers you can use to improve your overall betting career.

Let’s imagine you are a casual bettor and only place a couple of bets a week to spice of the football weekend. If this is the case then you probably don’t care about which betting operator you would choose to place your bet at which will be, thankfully for you, explained as wrong further down the article.

As many of the experienced punters know, choosing a right betting operator should by no means be a random action and all punters – casual players or those thinking of themselves as pros – should be rigorous with their selection process.

How to Choose a New Betting Site?

As we all know looks are secondary to performance so avoid making your decisions simply based on how good a betting site looks.

Naturally, you want to be able to navigate through a betting site without problems so that is one thing when it comes to appearance you should be paying attention to. Layout and interface can play a part in how much time you spend at a bookmaker’s and most of the top-notch operators will have attractive designs and sites that are either optimised or that come with a fully functioning mobile app.

Betting features are what you should be really paying attention to. First of all, have a look at a welcome bonus and existing customer promotions to get a better insight into what you can expect if you choose to register your account.

In-Play betting is another important option to look at given the unstoppable emergence of this type of sports bet. While analysing the In-Play offer, pay attention to sports and markets that are on offer, how quickly the odds are being updated and whether the site will provide you with live coverage of the games and events you want to bet on.

The Advantages of a New Betting Site

A new betting site will give you an option to turn a clean sheet in case you got tired of a certain bookie or in case you got caught up in the middle of a losing run. A change of scenery is always of positive impact for a punter and it might also signal the end of your poor patch.

A lucrative welcome bonus would be yet another morale-boost for any of you who decide to change bookies, whereas an alternative set of markets and odds can ideally give you a different betting perspective and be a desired shove in the back or a pat on the shoulder.

There is a wide array of Latest betting sites which are almost starting to emerge daily. A couple of operators such as Bet365 or William Hill have raised the bar pretty high up and with strict demands of the betting business set up by these reputable names, the new arrivals such as  Mr Green or Leo Vegas are forced to push their game extremely high in order to become competitive.

That being said, you can hardly go wrong by choosing to have a try at any of these latest additions to the betting landscape. 

5 Amazing Tips To Choose a New Online Bookmaker